2 April 2018

Inclist is a tool for investors to view financial results of public companies, all at one place.

The problem. Why i wanted to build this?

whenever I have some extra money, instead of keeping them in bank, I like to invest it in stocks. And to analyse a company, I download their annual reports of past 5 years and then use excel sheets to analyse the annual and quarterly results.

But like most people, I am not a full time investor. I spend most of my time coding and making things.

So i wanted to build a market analyst, which would collect all the financial data of companies, and make it easier for investors to select and filter out the good companies. In other words, I wanted to create a bot which would keep an eye on the market for me.

And that's what inclist does. Here you can view all the annual results, quarterly results and balance sheet of public companies. I started working on this project on 15 Feb 2018 and launched it exactly a month later on 25th March. I used Nodejs at the backend and React at the frontend.

As of now ( 2 April 2018 ) inclist only shows annual and quarterly results of public companies in India. Lets see where it goes ...