Inclist - A Stock Market Research & Analysis Platform

2 April 2018

Inclist, is a tool for investors to help with the stock market research and analysis. As of now, investors could view all the financial statements of companies, but soon more features will be rolled out. Here's a link to get you started -

Main Objective

Whenever I have some extra money, instead of keeping them in bank, I like to invest it in equity. To analyse a company, I download their annual reports of past 5 years and then use excel sheets to compare different companies.

But like most people, I am not a full time investor. I spend most of my time coding and making things.

So I wanted to build a market analyst, which would collect all the financial data of companies, and make it easier for investors to select and filter out the good companies. In other words, I wanted to create a bot which would keep an eye on the market for me.

For some time now, I've been trying to define the main purpose of this project, and here's what I've come up so far,

"To build a system that helps in discovering financially sound companies trading at a cheap price."

The Design

I've tried to keep the design as intuitive as possible for the investors. Users lands directly to the dashboard, where they can use basic features of the website without any signup and see for themselves if they find it useful. This really helps, if you have better design than the other services in the same market.

Home Page

The financial statements are designed to make it easier for users to comprehend the data.

Financial Statement View

The process & the tech used

There are three main components in the system.

The data collection unit

The job of the data collection unit is to collect all the financial statements of the public companies. This is accomplished by web scraping. I've built some scrapers with python & beautiful soup, which periodically scrape different websites and collect the financial data.


The backend is built with nodejs with expressjs. I've built an API which is responsible for all the communications with the frontend.


The frontend is built using Reactjs, Javascript, HTML, CSS.


This is something I'm still working on.

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