Pamphlet launch

12 July 2018

Two days back I launched pamphlet which is a ghost theme for building personal websites and portfolios. The launch went okay. More than 1.3K people have visited the website in past 2 days. It remained on the front page of product hunt with 145 upvotes. Number of sales made = 1.

What I learned from the project

The biggest thing that I learned is that, packaging is one of the most important aspect of any product. If you want your product to sell, either it should be something very very useful. But if it's not the case, then you have to package it nicely.
Main things that drove the upvotes on product hunt was the packaging of this theme. Most people are not looking for themes on the product hunt, still it got so many upvotes. And that's because it was packaged nicely. I had built a beautiful website, had some beautiful cover images, an attractive logo and nice installation guides.


These cover images proved to be very useful on PH, twitter & reddit

Another important thing is to launch and monetize quickly. Overthinking leads to mistakes. I don't know why that happens, but whenever I am too careful and think too much- usually I make a mistake. For example, while submitting pull request to the ghost marketplace repo, I must have looked at my pull request for atleast 10 times and still made a typing error. Wrote 'prive' instead of 'price'.

Another thing that I learned was that I'm much better when I focus on one single project. For sometime I've been trying to handle both umbrella note and inclist at the same time. But it only made me very slow and loose all my motivation to work over time. Although I am not going to abandon any of those projects, but I've decided that from now on I should pick some considerable portion of those projects and complete them. Then ship that part.

Also, today was a new milestone in my career as a entreprenuer because I made my first sale of $14 today. It's not much but still it's a milestone.

So what's next..
I have published a pull request on the ghost marketplace to publish the theme, let's see if it gets accepted. I've also decided to post it on themeforest, because it's much more easier to find potential customers there.
Now, I want to start something new and this time I want to monetise quickly.