Pamphlet's a ghost theme designed especially for building personal websites and portfolios. Whether you are designer, programmer, entrepreneur, writer, engineer, photographer, scientist, musician or a painter, You can use pamphlet for showcasing your work, thoughts and ideas.
Written by Arpit bansal
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Arpit Bansal

Pamphlet's a ghost theme designed especially for building personal websites and portfolios.


Theme Details

The Design

While designing this theme, my goal was to build a theme most suitable for individuals to showcase their life's work in an elegant manner.

1. Home Page

I wanted to design the home page such that, the first time visitors could grasp the complete layout and structure of the website with a single look. I strongly believe that the goal of a designer while designing any webpage, should be that the first time visitors should not get overwhelmed. They should make it as easy as possible for the visitor to understand and take in the content on the site.

I've divided the complete page into four main parts - Bio, Work, Latest Posts & Contact.

First comes the bio, where the visitors is introduced to the owner of the website. Next, we have the work section. Here I've used a card layout to showcase the work.

The third section, Latest Posts, is useful to get the visitors started with some of the content that owner has written.

The last section, contains all the contact links to the owner of the site.

Home Page

2. Post View

Post view was one of the most important parts of the them and I've tried to design it to make reading as pleasant as possible.

Purpose of the circular back button at the upper right corner -

This is something completely psychological, I've tried to make it such that a user would want to click it and it serves two purposes -

  1. Creates a feeling that they can easily return to the point they left.  
  2. Promotes readability. Usually after reading, visitor would want to click back and check out more posts.

3. Tags View

Custom Backgrounds

4. Error Page

5. Authors Page

A more detailed bio could be created at the authors page.

That's all !

Do check out the demo & you can buy it here.